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International Air Cargo and Courier JTX Transportation is done in many countries, particularly European agreements, including the Light of the world's transportation network has formed a fast and reliable customers.This solving the most economical way to customers' demands. JTX customers needs in the sector, which solves the easiest most economical courier company. Courier JTX all kinds of professional and experienced staff to the needs of our customers exceptional service and impeccable service to offer in the spirit.
JTX between Courier Services Air Freight, International Courier Freight, Project Cargo, Sea Freight transportation, serving its customers.
Whether the agency network in Germany is Turkey JTX Courier Center will be completed until 2010. JTX Courier is still continuing its activities in Istanbul
Opened in the Southeastern Anatolia Regional Directorate.


0 342 324 07 08 (Pbx)

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